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"To promote the mental and physical rehabilitation of persons suffering from drug and alcohol abuse or similar problems by providing therapy, teaching them spiritual values, and advancing their education so as to better enable them to cope with the business of life".


Unlocking People... Releasing Potential...

...By providing residential accommodation in a community & extended family structure, for service users in need of rehabilitation and life restructure from substance abuse and other life controlling problems. To help restore independence and stability to peoples’ lives so they are better able to lead responsible lives in their own homes, free from addictions; understand the importance of good personal standards, and have a positive attitude to family and daily work routines.

Gilead Foundations is a Therapeutic Community founded in 1991, offering a residential rehabilitation program for people with life-controlling addictions, such as drug or alcohol abuse, homelessness, gambling, eating disorders, self harm, and other addictive behaviours. We offer our services to male and female clients, as well as families. (A substance misuse problem in a parent often has serious affects on children and spouses, so we believe in a providing a model of recovery that helps the whole family).


Gilead Foundations receives limited financial support from the authorities for the specialist care that it provides. This means that the Charity had to rely heavily on gifts, bequests, grants and gifts-in-kind to meet its financial commitments. Until recently the Charity was always relying on client / government funding which is generally unsustainable, so it became important to develop a social enterprise company (RECIC) to enable a more stable income to be generated through the farming business.

Risdon is a working farm, with-free range egg production and wholesale milk production providing real-life work therapy and skills training to our clients. Any profits from the Social Enterprise enable RECIC to subsidise fees for clients to come to Gilead for rehabiltiation. Clients also get a sense of fulfilment from knowing that they are contributing to the welfare of everyone in the community by being involved in these activities.

Gilead Foundations Charity work in collaboration with RECIC to provide the very best rehabilitation service to its' clients. RECIC is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to deliver residential treatment for substance misuse and alike, to adults aged between 18-65 years, enabling them to work with referral funding agencies.

Although the dairy farm & student fees supply a certain amount of funding the charity, still relies on donations, sponsorship & gifts in kind etc.


Gilead began in 1988 when the owners of Risdon Farm, Ian and Bronwen Samuel, felt led to establish a centre to provide life training skills for people in need. A registered charity, Gilead Foundations Charity Limited, was established in 1991 to provide a vehicle under which the Centre could operate.

Gilead Foundations is a registered charity with a Board of Trustess responsible for it's governance and fulfillment of its' charitable aims and objectives. GFC leases five acres from Risdon farm through a 125 year lease and own the three accommodation blocks being built. GFC objectives is to work with RECIC (Risdon Enterprise Community Interest Company) to provide the very best rehabilitation service to its' clients. This is an interdependent collaboration between these two separate organisations focused on securing the best standard of care for the clients who attend for rehabilitation. Any profits from the Social Enterprise enable RECIC to subsidise fees for clients to come to Gilead for rehabiltiation.

Registered in England No. 2608644 Limited by Guarantee
Registered Charity No. 1002909 Registered Care Home.


Gilead Foundations is registered as a separate organization in Romania, Nigeria & Canada. Each country has its own board of trustees, including & Ian Samuel.

Recently, a couple from Canada trained at GF UK, & they are now developing GF Alberta (Canada). It is Ian's heart to see the same thing happening in the Romania & Nigeria.

GF Romania has a house & land, which is in need of some renovations. Nigeria does not have any property at present, but does have a representative in Nigeria.

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The greatest need is for people who have Gods call on their lives for the work of GF, to first come to GF UK for training, & then to be sent out to the GF mission fields. Please contact Ian if you sense this could be you.

If you are interested in the development of GF missions, please let us know, so that we can send you latest news.