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If you would like to apply to the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, (also a recovery program for other related issues) applications are completed by a telephone assessment first. After the process below all applicants will need to come for an interview.

To contact the Gilead applications team or to discuss any queries you may have,
call 01837 851 240(mobile users can tap the number in the header).
Or your can email Carole Harris and request a call back.

All applications received are followed up by a telephone call. A processing pack is sent requesting further information i.e. reports, funding, I.D. etc. The application personnel are willing to answer any queries and assist with any problems.

Once all the information requested has been received and checked, the application is taken to the Application Authorisation Team (AAT) to obtain authorisation for entry. The AAT is made up of a cross-section of GF staff members who assess the suitability of the course to the applicant, make an assessment of the risk of accepting the applicant and ensure that GF is able to give the required care and support. Places are allocated on a first come first serve basis, so a waiting list is used when beds are not available.

All teams that meet to make decisions regarding new or re-applications treat each application individually and follow all relevant policies and procedures. You have the right to appeal against any decision to reject your application. If this is the case, you should write to the General Manager who will then research the decision and then respond to you in writing.

Service User Brochure 2014.pdf
Details of all aspects of Gilead's work and its policies and practices are contained in this Gilead Service User Guide.