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Peter, aged 50, has battled alcohol addiction for many years. It has cost him his job, his home and his family. Peter understands that in order to restore his family, he has to overcome his addiction, and so he contacted us for help. His goals at the end of the programme are restored family relationships; full time employment; and to contribute positively to society.

We have an 85% success rate for people who complete the programme here. The cost of Gileadís rehabilitation programme is very competitive, and the rewards are enormous, both for the individuals and their families, as well as society.
Peterís fees have been partially met by his own contribution of about £600 per month, but this falls short of the cost of high quality rehabilitation. Gilead Foundations has been so impressed with his commitment to change that we have sponsored the deficit so far, but we cannot continue to do so.

Please will you consider sponsoring him with whatever regular amount you can afford, as we believe he is worth the investment. He is taking rehabilitation seriously, and if he can complete the programme here, he will be able to live a fulfilled and successful lifestyle thereafter.

If you can help sponsor him or need any further information, then please contact Lois Samuel - Fundraising Team.

Email: lois.samuel@gilead.org.uk

Tel: 01837 851 240