Risdon Enterprises
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As a charity we rely heavily on donations of practical goods as well as funds. If you have experience in fundraising and would like to help our team apply for funding, grants, or goods that we need, please contact Lois who would love to hear from you!

Many companies kindly donate to us services or equipment which we normally could not afford, in order to help the work of Gilead and its' social enterprise Risdon Enterprises.Any proceeds from the social enterprise go to support the work of the Gilead chariy. We show our gratitude to them, & below they are listed along with links to their websites. We also post this information on our company facebook page to show our appreciation.

We are continually grateful to Cornerstone - Our local publishing company who we are in partnership with that continue to give us special rates on design, publishing and advertising.

Many companies have donated supplies for Grace Lodge - the new purpose-built bungalow for our clients and staff.

We are grateful again to Suttons Seeds and Boston Seeds who kindly donated flower seeds to help beautify the grounds at Gilead, making it a more therapeutic setting to be in.

Edwin Tuckers, Crediton donated gardening tools.
VOSS electrical-fence.co.uk donated electrical fencing supplies.
Haemmerlin donated wheelbarrows.
Classical Creations donated some wall pillars.
KAR UK donated Tricoflex Pipe.
Itec - Thank you for your free collection of our old photocopier.
Aggregate - Thank you for reducing price of slabs for the bungalow.
Harlequin Tanks kindly just gave us an oil tank for one of our care houses, saving us a lot of money we could not otherwise afford. We are very grateful.
Wavin have again donated some piping and accessories for the boot room and farm office. They also gave us a dozen woolly hats!
Also Eland Cables have donated Armoured cables - thank you very much!

Donations of food have been given to support the community at Gilead:
MooFree Chocolates
Riverford Organics
and McDonalds in Exeter High St.
We are also grateful to Fairshare and the Devon & Cornwall Food association for local regular support of donations of food.

Many companies support us by donating supplies for the farm - our social enterprise that exists to raise funds for the Gilead charity. See the homepage of Risdon Enterprises for more details about the social enterprise.

With the growth of our free range chicken unit, that exists to make a future profit from the sale of eggs in order to support the Charity, companies have very kindly donated supplies to help get this set up.

Interhatch very kindly donated Oyster Shell again for our free range chicken unit.
Polypipe donated soil pipes for the chicken sheds.
Dairymac donated Heat Detectors and Bray Magnets.
Hotline Fencing donated 4 dual beam torches.
Morris & McGinn aold us wood preserving paint for the new chicken shed.
Eakers in Crediton have donated 30 litres of vinyl paint for the chicken sheds and gave us 70 litres at a very good discounted price. They have just donated some paint to us again (Jan 2016) many thanks to you!
Farmers Weekly have given us a subscription.
Our local Howdens in Okehampton have kindly donated us a sink, taps, worktop and cupboard for the new chicken shed, which is set up to produce free range eggs to ultimately help provide income for the charity.
Potterspoultry - thanks for their continued support , help this time with a donation of mats for the nesting boxes in our chicken shed.

A massive thank you to all the straw farmers for donating your straw to us , this harvest . We cannot afford to buy straw and work hard to obtain it free each year. We are very grateful for each load.
Cox Agri have kindly donated us 2 boxes of Kamar Heatmount Detectors for the cows.
Norbrook Pharmaceuticals kindly donated us 12 bottles of Penstrep and 6 bottles of Combiclav for the animals.
Thanks to Semex, Geno-uk and Dairydaughters for donating bull semen!
Thanks to Chart-ind and Uk Sires for giving a bull semen flask. We enjoyed showing them around the farm on their recent visit.
Uksireservices donated straws of bull semen.
Harpers Fitness and Leisure Connection both have reduced the price of gym & swim sessions for our clients.
Everbuild gave again, this time roof adhesive enabling us to finish another job!