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Gilead aims to help to ‘unlock people from addictive lifestyles and release them into their true potential’ through offering support through our caring extended family environment.

Since 1991, our experience has shown that the provision of accommodation and support for restoration and training, need to go hand in hand.

To achieve this aim we have developed a 2 phase residential programme with a duration of 52 weeks (1 year). However this can be adapted to suit individual needs, as necessary.

Gilead also offers aftercare and support as needed.

Phase 1
min of 32 weeks
Induction, support & training
towards Restoration to Prevent Relapse

• Developing good routine, stability and self-discipline
• Development of support and accountability team
• Teaching basic foundations and principles on both individual and group basis
• Achieving work ethics and life skills training

Phase 2
min of 20 weeks
Support to Maintain Restoration

• Support and accountability team
• Managing restoration through Biblical/Christian support and training
• Providing, monitoring and recording support as required
• Preparation to manage own accommodation and develop career
• Developing work ethics and skills training
• Voluntary work experience in local community
• Preparation to manage own accommodation and develop career
• Followed by 10 weeks back in wider community/society

Maintaining long term restoration and stability is our goal

One of the key elements during the programme is supporting the individual to understand and come to terms with the roots of their compulsive behaviours and to be encouraged to develop independent lifestyles whilst still in the supported environment.

Gilead helps people to seek out employment opportunities and new accommodation.

To enable individuals to rebuild their lives, we use relevant activities and a variety of agricultural work experience to equip them with work ethics for future career employment and independent living. This includes working with agricultural machinery, animal husbandry, general farm work, tractor driving, gardening, administration, food preparation, building and maintenance.


As Phase 2 nears completion, people are able to take on either part time or voluntary work elsewhere, whilst still being accommodated at Risdon Farm.

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