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What are the consequences of a generation that has been fed a philosophy of individualism, materialism and hedonism? Answer: Emotionally wounded people, addicted, aggressive and angry. Their parents have denied God, moral absolutes and the importance of family.

Many of us burn with a desire to make a positive social impact on the world around us, to combine our business builder’s brain with a social worker’s heart and launch innovative projects to help our fellow man.

The Word In Action is a Christian response to a specific need, where Christian media and Christian rehab work together to save lives.

The Arrow - Word in Action, is a partnership of 3 organisations that share a similar vision. With strong character and generosity of spirit they have built together. They have chosen to unite together to give momentum to each other as they reach for the same goal: the betterment of society.

The three organisations are Cornerstone Vision - involved primarily with marketing;

Gilead Foundations which is focused on rehabilitation from addictive conditions;

and Cross Rhythms, who focus on broadcasting and contemporary Christian music.